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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

When You Don't Vote, You Vote For Tyranny...

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  1. Well, it seems the jolly Governor is bound and determined to push the issue to the point of a federal level constitutional crisis. THey have not even passed the laws yet, and this imbecile thinks he is going to march the national guard into neighborhoods, go house to house and seize weapons?

    The good people of Virginia have a few resources up their sleeve though. They are going to have to have an aggressive strategy for getting injunctions in federal court as a first step. We'll see how the little generalissimo does when faced with Federal injunctions. His violation of such could quickly turn into the Don nationalizing the the National Guard.

    Second, once the people wake up to the nightmare they have created, they need to immediately start working on impeachment of their governor and as if possible recalls on elected representatives and Senators.

    I hate to say it, but part of this is the Republican parties fault. Apparently they did not even field anyone in most of the races. This American Thinker article explains it well:


    The rest of the country is watching.

    In Liberty-

    1. It's too late to start impeachment. Injunctions are granted or dismissed based on political affiliation. Meanwhile the government moves ahead with their plans. The people was defend themselves now and not some other day in the future.

  2. now may be a good time to get to know your local ham radio operator, get your old cb radio and antennas out of the closet, learn morse code and signal flags. in the words of a fictional character, if you want a war be sure you really want what you will end up getting. got "milk"?

  3. Now may be a good time to survey the governor's mansion and grounds...

  4. Do they think the NG are robots? Do they think the NG will just "follow orders"? The NG won't attack their own families.

  5. we voted. it was rigged. that's why the gop didn't waste money running in dem districts. eric holder/Ginsburg forced redistricting 4 years ago guaranteeing dem majority for next 40 years, Obama dumped refugees and illegals in too. we're screwed. we'll fight. they jumped the gun. it'll cost them.


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