90 Miles From Tyranny : Democrats Put Provisions That Could Enable Widespread Voter Fraud Into Coronavirus Relief Bill

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Democrats Put Provisions That Could Enable Widespread Voter Fraud Into Coronavirus Relief Bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is using the Rahm Emanuel crisis playbook.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has caused delays in passing the legislation designed to give Americans relief during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

She has inserted language into her version of legislation enabling public policy that the Democrats have supported for quite some time. Some of the language in her proposed bill would allow for early voting and same-day voter registration, opening the flood gates for electoral fraud.

Conservative Partnership Institute analyst Rachel Bovard exposed Pelosi’s shameful dealings that have harmed the most vulnerable during a time of unprecedented fear and panic.

Ah, yes, requiring early voting will save us all from #COVID19.

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Same day voter registration, a long-time Dem wishlist item, very relevant to addressing those businesses and working families about to go under from #COVID19.

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Electoral watchdogs have sounded the alarm about the potential for fraud caused by same-day voter registration.

The Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) exposed the possibilities for fraud with same-day registration when a similar measure was passed by the far-left state of California:
Allowing all polling places to hand out same-day voter registration could lead to mistakes being made by polling place volunteers, as well as potential voter fraud, the Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) told The Epoch Times.

“This really allows for a great deal more fraudulent voting and a lot more error on the part of the election process that could terminate ineligible ballots that have been counted,” said Ruth Weiss, EIPCa’s director of legislative oversight.

“The reason is that poll workers are already extremely overworked and stressed. … Depending on the county, because training is not consistent throughout the state, they get very little training. In some counties, none of the people there had...

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Anonymous said...

Yep - they WILL pull out all of the stops to enable even more voter fraud than they have in the past. The know that even with all of their dirty tricks they still lost to DJT and will likely do so again without even more cheating.

Mark Matis said...

Sure would be nice if the Republican party or "Law Enforcement" or the "Legal" system would do something about voter fraud, but unfortunately...