90 Miles From Tyranny : The Worldwide Face Mask Shortage Reveals The Folly Of Outsourcing Strategic Resources To China

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Worldwide Face Mask Shortage Reveals The Folly Of Outsourcing Strategic Resources To China

Most of the world’s protective face masks are made in China and Taiwan, and even for those made elsewhere, some component parts are Chinese-sourced. Shortages have led China to declare the masks a “strategic resource,” reserving them for their own medical workers, leaving the U.S. and the rest of the world to operate with a very limited supply of protective masks. In January, Taiwan banned the export of masks, which left them with ample supply but exacerbated the worldwide shortage of masks.

The usage per medical provider of protective masks has gone up by as much a ten times normal usage, this coupled with the reduction of imported masks explains why the current shortage is so critical.

The leftist propaganda media in the U.S. is doing their best to paint the supply shortage of masks as a lack of leadership by President Trump, or somehow not a priority of the administration, while never, ever explaining the reason for the shortage. This hegemonic leftist narrative is not just misleading, it is a deliberate ongoing misinformation campaign and a direct political contribution to whomever the Democrat nominee will be.

To help solve the mask shortage, President Trump negotiated with the Democratic leadership of the House and Senate and crafted a bill to allow 3M, Honeywell and other manufacturers to produce millions of N95 masks per month to help solve the problem.


Wolff said...

Why would a bill have to be crafted for American companies to produce masks? What happened to free enterprise?

Mike Miles said...

A result of regulations and legal protections against shady lawyers.

edstafford said...

What happened to free enterprise? It went to China. Produce a mask in China cost 10 cents, produced in USA 90 cents for example. don't worry about what the country needs, medicine, steel, manufacturing. We are globalist and please don't protest or I'll call you a Nationalist.