90 Miles From Tyranny : French Official Says Quarantine Should Not be Enforced in Migrant Areas to Avoid Riots

Friday, March 27, 2020

French Official Says Quarantine Should Not be Enforced in Migrant Areas to Avoid Riots

The inmates are running the asylum.

A top government official in France has admitted that draconian lockdown measures being imposed on the rest of the population shouldn’t be implemented in the country’s migrant-heavy ghettos in order to prevent riots.

In a letter leaked to magazine Le Canard Enchaine, French Secretary of State to the Ministry of the Interior Laurent Nunez advises, “It is not a priority to enforce closings in certain neighborhoods and to stop gatherings.”

In a separate video conference call, Nunez told other officials that restricting movement and shutting down shops in France’s infamous banlieues risks igniting violent social disorder if enforced too rigorously.

A regional defense zone prefect who was in on the call agreed that businesses that had been closed down in other areas of France should remain open in poorer neighborhoods in order to help with “social mediation.”

“This undermining of the laws that Macron declared as essential, this clear disregard for the population as a whole, comes at a time when police, ambulance and firefighters face record levels of hostility when they venture into the suburbs where gangs set cars on fire then attack them when they arrive to help,” writes Damian Wilson.

As is illustrated in the clip below, whenever police attempt to enforce quarantine measures, or indeed any other act of law enforcement, in migrant-heavy areas, they are immediately surrounded and intimidated by gangs of migrants. It’s not uncommon for fire trucks and ambulances to be attacked in these “sensitive” areas.

Another clip shows migrants reacting to police attempts to enforce a quarantine by jumping on their vehicle.

As Breitbart reports, migrants in European cities across the continent simply do not respect the lockdown or the...

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  1. Reinforcing the surrender stereotype?

  2. As the EU falls, perhaps the people of the various countries will take their nations back, evicting the cockroaches passing as humans who have invaded their, and our, nations. The problem with elites is that they more resemble the bottom of the world's people than the real people. It's easy to see why they sympathize with, even love, prefer, barbarians. Wealth might be the root of evil, but the complete absence of it seems to complete a circle rather than be an opposite.

  3. Islam cannot coexist. It must be eliminated. Wake up! Where are the political patriots of the Western tradition ready to come to our defence?

  4. Just shoot the fucking savages.

  5. Them muzzie's love to circulate even in the face of contagious disease.

    Prove 'em wrong about their assumptions that God will protect them from the virus.

  6. Wonder when the French Gov't abdicates and leave their citizens to fend for themselves
    like WWI & II?

  7. I suppose they could die of lead poisoning instead of corona virus....

    1. I don't know. The guillotine was a splendid device so uniquely French, and so appropriate currently. Save lead for target practice and hunting. Seems a waste to use on politicians, bureaucrats, and other so-called elites. Fun for the whole family.

  8. You guys are looking at this the wrong way. French government see a great opportunity to culled these population out. So by not enforcing quarantine, they want a lot of these people to die.

  9. They should use the military to seal off Muslim areas. Equipment All the units with live rounds the muslims try to leave shoot to kill. Do not allow food, electricity or medical supplies into Muslim areas. Then sit tight for as long as it takes and when everyone is dead or to weak to fight back eliminate all survivors and take whats left out into the Atlantic ocean and dump them.


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