90 Miles From Tyranny : Italian army called in to move coffins in Bergamo

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Italian army called in to move coffins in Bergamo

The army operation was called to lighten the load on Lombardy's crematorium. To date, the province of Bergamo remains the one most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

A total of 4 305 people have been infected by Covid-19, an increase of 312 patients compared to the day before. And the number of deaths is also high: there were over 300 on Wednesday. The number is so high that the city’s crematorium is collapsing.

The mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, explained that “in the first fortnight of March, the number of deaths is four times higher than the same period of last year”. In addition, “there are many other people who are dying at home, or in nursing homes”.

And to cope with this emergency, the mayors of other cities have made their facilities available for cremation. Various municipalities offered to take charge of 60 coffins. The operation began at the Bergamo cemetery.

During the night, in fact, in the San Cataldo cemetery of Modena, 31 coffins were expected to arrive at the cremation plant on Thursday 19 March. The municipality confirmed...

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