90 Miles From Tyranny : Maryland Prepared to Jail People for Up to a Year if They Resist New Quarantine Edicts

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Maryland Prepared to Jail People for Up to a Year if They Resist New Quarantine Edicts

Authoritarianism rises amidst coronavirus panic.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a “moderate” voice within the Republican Party that has consistently opposed President Donald Trump, is threatening anyone with up to a year behind bars if they refuse to abide by his coronavirus edicts.
Hogan issued executive orders on Monday to close down restaurants, bars, movie theaters and gyms throughout his state, exploiting emergency powers to justify his anti-constitutional mandate. He also banned any public gathering with more than 50 people attending, which has since been reduced to 10 people in recent days.

Maryland State Police Superintendent Col. Woodrow W. Jones III made it clear that law enforcement will be working “around the clock and across the state” to enforce those orders. He made it clear that anyone who doesn’t comply will be subject to a fine up to $5,000, receiving up to a year in prison, or both.

“If a need for law enforcement action arises, we will take the appropriate action,” he said. “We are first conferencing with state’s attorneys and local law enforcement chiefs and sheriffs across Maryland. We will work in support of and partnership with those local authorities.”

The Maryland National Guard may even be brought in to punish those who do not comply with Gov. Hogan’s edicts, according to Spokesman Maj. Kurt Rauschenberg.

A spokesman for Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young also threatened the public that they must abide by these new mandates indefinitely or potentially be locked up.

“We’re not playing around,” spokesman Lester Davis said. “The hope is that people understand the seriousness of this and will comply and we won’t have to use enforcement measures. But we’re more than willing to do that.”

“Our residents are now, literally, our public health officers and we need them all to protect each other by following best practices around social distancing to limit the...

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  1. So the brownshirts, and gestapo are now out in force.

  2. How would you muster the National Guard without violating the 10 person Limit?

  3. Every petty Democrat's wet dream of becoming a dictator. One can only hope the people there will deal with the tyrant properly. Though people in some areas have become awful enough that tyranny is a justice? Everywhere?

  4. maryland has been gun grabbing from the git go, why would anyone be surprised at this next step?

  5. Now that they're letting prisoners out so they don't get the Kung Flu there should be plenty of room!!

  6. Hey Mike;

    Gotta get these people to break the law, and if they are gun owners then they can't own guns anymore because it will be illegal.

  7. More of U.S. than there are of them! Strap up Patriots.

  8. why would anyone don body armor if they weren't expecting to be shot? Is that their true expectation there? Is what they are planning to do so bad that they felt the need for body armor and zero identification as officers of the law and the anonymity of gloves, face masks and helmets? Is Martial Law declared? When? By who? Under what statute? whom do I sue?
    Why is it I get the feeling that there will be blood in this?


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