90 Miles From Tyranny : New York Times Deletes Word ‘Wuhan’ From Its Coronavirus Tracking Map

Saturday, March 21, 2020

New York Times Deletes Word ‘Wuhan’ From Its Coronavirus Tracking Map

While Wikipedia editors desperately attempt to change the name of ‘Spanish flu’.

Following a media narrative that President Trump is “racist” for calling COVID-19 the ‘Chinese virus’, the New York Times has now deleted the word ‘Wuhan’ from its coronavirus tracking map.

Trump has repeatedly referred to the outbreak as the ‘Chinese virus’ in an effort to have Beijing take responsibility given that their cover-up of the outbreak in its early months is what rapidly accelerated the current global pandemic.

The media responded, in some instances by directly amplifying Chinese state propaganda, by accusing Trump of “racism” for using the geographically accurate term.

Now the New York Times has erased the word ‘Wuhan’ from its online coronavirus tracking map in a bid to hide the source of the virus.

“The Times also altered the name of its map in its February 2 article on the virus, as discovered by independent journalist Jeryl Bier,” writes National File’s Patrick Howley.

Meanwhile, far-left editors over at Wikipedia are desperately trying to change the name of the 1918 Spanish influenza article to remove the word ‘Spanish’ despite it being commonly known as that for over a hundred..

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  1. think the NYT is bad? you should go to the library and look at he WSJ, a rage those with money to spend read and trust. it is full of obfuscation and outright erroneous factless stories which investors use to base financial decisions on.


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