90 Miles From Tyranny : It’s Time to Boycott China

Thursday, April 30, 2020

It’s Time to Boycott China

To ensure we recover from this virus, we must do two things: Wash our hands and wash our hands of China.

President Trump says he expects China will pay a “substantial” amount of money for damages caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

You can’t help but suspect the Chinese Communist Party deliberately withheld crucial information and hoarded protective supplies needed to prepare for the virus in order to wreak maximum damage both mortal and material on the West.

When asked if he will submit a bill as Germany has done, Trump demurred, saying “We have ways of doing things much easier than that.”

You bet we do.

Consider: Every dollar the CCP would possibly pay us in damages would be a dollar we gave them in the first place.

We can save ourselves the trouble of trying to collect the bill by not sending them the money in the first place.

Let’s say it out loud: Boycott China.

China’s Communist dictators have been waging economic warfare against us for decades, launching missiles from their mines, mills, and factories in an attack that has destroyed our industries as effectively as any precision-guided munitions.

Now the pandemic has wrought further destruction.

They have succeeded in effectively stopping our way of life. We can’t let them do that again.


Just as the CCP has waged economic warfare against the United States, we can do the same.

The Chinese Communist Party lives off the money we send them, and we send them a lot.

We should stop sending them our money. Americans should boycott China.

Our government should boycott the CCP.

The U.S. government contributes to the World Bank, which still gives China billions. Until recently we funded the World Health Organization, Beijing’s puppet. We fund scientific research in China. The NIH even funded bat virus research in Wuhan after it was banned in the United States (What could possibly go wrong with that? Oh wait, we found out.)

Wall Street should boycott the CCP.

Wall Street steers billions to CCP-controlled companies listed on U.S. exchanges. It helps CCP-controlled entities sell securities in the United States. Billions flow through index funds that include shares of Chinese companies. Pension funds from California to Iowa have staked the retirement savings of Americans on these dodgy investments.

The finance guys overseeing the federal Thrift Savings Plan—the 401(k) plan for military personnel and federal workers—want to invest billions in the MSCI Emerging Markets Fund, home to a roster of Chinese companies that manufacture weapons, cyber-espionage tools and surveillance gear for...

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  1. I try not to purchase things made in communist china (Taiwan is OK however) or assembled in America from chinese components. Sure, it's impossible to completely eliminate their junk, but every little bit helps.

    When you buy from china, you're helping fund their military; an enemy we will surely face one day.

  2. Wal mart is ground zero in this battle.


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