90 Miles From Tyranny : Hong Kong scientists patent anti-virus spray: ‘Protects surfaces for 3 months’

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Hong Kong scientists patent anti-virus spray: ‘Protects surfaces for 3 months’

An anti-viral spray coating that can protect surfaces for 90 days from bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19 is the latest invention developed by researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

HONG KONG - It’s called MAP-1 and according to a Reuters reports, the scientists took 10 years to develop this particular coating which, once sprayed on the surfaces most used by people – such as handrails, handles and buttons of lifts – would guarantee citizens maximum protection from pathogens.

The basic assumption is simple: ”There are surfaces that are often touched by many hands and which, at the same time, turn into very effective means for the transmission of diseases,” explained Professor Joseph Kwan, one of the main researchers of the team that developed the product. Hence the idea of removing viruses from one of the main means of transmission.

The coating that forms after spraying the product is made up of millions of nano-capsules containing disinfectants that, according to Professor Kwan, would continue to kill bacteria, viruses and spores, even after the coating has dried.

Unlike other disinfection methods, such as diluted bleach and alcohol, MAP-1 is potentiated by heat sensitive polymers capable of encapsulating and releasing disinfectants to human contact. Researchers want to underline too that the product is...

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  1. Copper, a material that used to be used for doorknobs, handrails, push buttons, and hundreds of other items that people touch every day is 100% effective at killing bacteria and viruses forever. It is no coincidence that the spread of bacteria and viruses increased with the removal of copper door hardware.

    1. Those doorknobs and handrails really worked out in the Spanish Flu epidemic......

  2. do we really want to trust the Chinese and your right about copper


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