90 Miles From Tyranny : Shock Poll: Majorities Still Believe Debunked Fake News About Trump And Russia

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Shock Poll: Majorities Still Believe Debunked Fake News About Trump And Russia

It's nothing short of a scandal that 53 percent of Americans believe that this completely discredited document 'was real in its findings of Trump colluding with the Russians.'

The media’s approval and credibility ratings may be low, but they still have a tremendous amount of political power. Whether they are attempting to destroy the life and reputation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, working overtime to protect the reputation of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, pushing the impeachment of a sitting president, attempting to control the outcomes of elections, or spending years peddling a false tale of treasonous collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election, they get significant results despite failure to report accurately.

Evidence of that power and how irresponsibly it is used is found in a recent Harvard-Harris poll for April 2020. A majority of Americans, 53 percent, believe the Christopher Steele dossier “was real in its findings of Trump colluding with the Russians.”

The Steele dossier, and its central and elaborate theory that Trump was a secret agent of the Russian government who had betrayed his country to steal the 2016 election, has been completely discredited by multiple government investigations. The limitless special counsel probe, ostensibly led by Robert Mueller, could find no evidence that Trump had colluded with Russia. In fact, the Mueller team could find no evidence that any American had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

A more serious investigation by the Department of Justice’s inspector general revealed that the dossier was discredited by the federal government by January 2017. The leaky FBI forgot to leak that important fact, but the inspector general goes through the dossier’s many problems throughout its 478-page document.

One of the DOJ’s failures, for example, was that they “omitted the fact that Steele’s Primary Subsource, who the FBI found credible, had made statements in January 2017 raising significant questions about the reliability of allegations included in the FISA applications” based on the dossier. Of the dossier, the inspector general wrote, “We determined that prior to and during the pendency of the FISAs, the FBI was unable to corroborate any of the specific substantive allegations against Carter Page contained in the election reporting and relied on in the FISA applications.” By “reporting,” the IG is referring to the dossier.

Later, the IG writes that anything found to have been true in the dossier was already publicly available and reported elsewhere. “The FBI concluded, among other things, that although consistent with known efforts by Russia to interfere in the 2016 U.S. elections, much of the material in the Steele election reports, including allegations about Donald Trump and members of the Trump campaign relied upon in the Carter Page FISA applications, could not be corroborated; that certain allegations were inaccurate or inconsistent with information gathered by the Crossfire Hurricane team; and that the limited information that was...

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  1. Here's the thing. They want this to be true. They NEED this to be true. Because if it's not true (and it isn't) it'd mean Trump won fair and square. They have to believe - MUST believe - that the only reason Trump won over Her Heinous the Crone of Chappaqua was skullduggery.

  2. Perfectly explains the level of general stupid in our country thanks to failing schools and the lying MSM

    1. Bingo Anon. The majority of Americans on both ends of the Liberal/Conservative spectrum are fat, dumb and happy in the 21st century. Hell, besides millions believing Dr. Phil is on TV to actually help people they swallow every bit of the fake news.


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