90 Miles From Tyranny : Michigan Citizens Revolt Against Fascist, Totalitarian, Governor Whitner

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Michigan Citizens Revolt Against Fascist, Totalitarian, Governor Whitner

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  1. Honestly, not trying to take sides on the issue... read the various twitter threads. It's challenging, mentally, you've got to really get stupid, but do it. Look at the rhetoric and virulence on both sides. Listen to what they say, how they not only insult the other side, but demonize it, de-humanize it....
    This is how hate begins, this is what war starts out like. You can disagree and not like someone but won't resort to violence. When you start to paint the other side as is happening here (BOTH sides!), you are mere steps away from kinetic violence. The red side calls the Guv Fascist dictator, the blue side calls the protesters terrorists and deplorables (e.g. sub-human).

    ... You see where this is going?

    It will not end well.

    1. "Winston traces “2 + 2 = 5” in the dust. He remembers seeing Julia on a bitter-cold day that March. She had thickened and stiffened, and he now found the thought of sex with her repulsive. They acknowledged that they had betrayed one another, and agreed to meet again, though neither is truly interested in continuing their relationship. Winston thinks he hears the song lyrics “Under the spreading chestnut tree / I sold you and you sold me,” which he heard when he saw the political prisoners there many years earlier. He begins to cry. He remembers a moment of happiness with his mother and sister, but thinks it must be a false memory. He looks up and sees a picture of Big Brother on the telescreen, making him feel happy and safe. As he listens to the war news, he reassures himself of both the great victory he has won over himself and his newfound love for Big Brother."


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