90 Miles From Tyranny : Just One??

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Just One??


  1. And. It is every time these pussies hold a majority, even all three. They actively work with democrats to suppress themselves.

    Which means one of very few things. None of which are good. Which is why I refuse to vote. If you wish to vote for Romney, go for it. At least he is honest about his hatred of real Americans. And still no fence. A deal is a done deal. As for the courts? When it absolutely positively has to be socialist or pro-big .gov, they roll like aluminium foil... as all European courts should? Yea. Putzes.

  2. Answer to James Woods riddle: No.

  3. The democrats control the data stored in those massive warehouses out in Utah that hold the skeletons in each and every American's closet, including the GOPers.
    All the way back to Justice John Roberts decision to go along with Obama's healthcare take over, this data has been and is currently being used for control.
    We all have those skeletons, but politician's, among them, the judiciary's, skeletons are much bigger.
    Destroy the data.
    Free America.


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