90 Miles From Tyranny : The American Media Has Betrayed America

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The American Media Has Betrayed America

For America’s establishment elites, the Chinese coronavirus pandemic is a golden opportunity.

There aren’t enough disparaging epithets in the English language to adequately describe “journalists” such as ABC Nightly News anchorman David Muir, the dashing 40-something actor who pretends to share important national news with America. Five days a week, Muir recites agenda-driven propaganda as if it were truth, while his allies who run the social media monopolies throttle down, demonetize, shadowban, or flat out censor reports that conflict with his narrative.

One of Muir’s biggest crimes is his façade of objectivity. Unlike the hosts of the cable news networks, such as CNN’s rabid Don Lemon, or MSNBC’s smirking Rachel Maddow, Muir isn’t obvious. He spreads his phony lies and distortions with a straight face, never breaking character. If you aren’t exposed to the other side of his stories, it works.

It isn’t just Muir, of course. Other pretenders include CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell, who along with her reporters never saw a Spanish consonant that didn’t require a hard roll and NBC’s Lester Holt, who made it his business to debate candidate Trump in the 2016 presidential debates, instead of leaving that job to hapless Hillary. Then there is the mediocrity who reports from the White House for NPR, who thinks everything has to do with race and gender, because flogging that obsession takes no work and reliably builds a career.

For over three years, and only with the occasional exception of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, the entire American media establishment, online and offline, has been complicit in spreading lies; despicable, anti-American lies. They spread the Russian collusion hoax for nearly three years, shamelessly exaggerating every smug utterance from the loathsome House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.). Again and again, they predicted that this time, Trump’s presidency was done for, and when Trump finally was exonerated, they just moved on to the next hoax.

The catalog of malpractice committed by these malicious partisan hacks who call themselves journalists in America is too vast to summarize. The terrifying “white nationalists” who, they insist, are a serious threat to the Republic and of whom we must live in perpetual fear. The baseless smears of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The Ukraine impeachment. The perennial “climate crisis,” which can always fill in whenever there isn’t some more useful phony story to spread. And all of it, every single bit of it, was calculated to take down President Trump and stigmatize anyone and everyone who ever supported him or even just defended some of his actions.

The Capital Media Crime

The media’s capital crime, however, is their coverage of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. And if the national media establishment had not already demonstrated repeatedly that they are nothing more than a political action committee attached to the Democratic Party, more people would be fooled.

But as it is, the timing of the virus, the response to the virus, and the reporting on the virus: all of it is suspect. The repercussions of media malpractice are more deaths, destruction of the constitution, and quite possibly an economic depression.

This is not overstating the case. Imagine if the media covered this crisis with honesty. Sure, in the early stages, nobody knew what to make of it. But why were the only voices accorded credibility by the media those who called for a lockdown? Why were virologists and epidemiologists ignored if they suggested that maybe we should quarantine the sick and the at-risk, and allow healthy Americans to...

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