90 Miles From Tyranny : Let's Just Clear This Up...

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Let's Just Clear This Up...

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  1. No one is talking about this. Where is the finish line for the lockdown?? Does this go on indefinitely?? People are sick and tired of hearing "In these unprecedented times", "In these trying times", "Our first responders", "6 foot distancing", "Wear a mask", "Wash your hands" and on and on. In Central Ohio our bars and restaurants are realizing that to open up only invites scrutiny from Health Departments, Code Enforcements and citizen rats. Health and Code has one agenda and that is to take liquor licenses and issue fines/citations. One local restaurateur tried to open last weekend and decided to close back up leaving 400 employees out of work. Power freaks are living their dreams right now!!!


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