90 Miles From Tyranny : Muslim Terrorist Adam Alsahli identified in 'terrorism-related' naval base shooting In Corpus Christi

Friday, May 22, 2020

Muslim Terrorist Adam Alsahli identified in 'terrorism-related' naval base shooting In Corpus Christi

The entrances to the Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi are closed following an active shooter threat

A shooting at a Texas naval air station that wounded a sailor and left the gunman dead early Thursday was being investigated as “terrorism-related,” the FBI said, but divulged few details as to why.

The suspect was identified as Adam Alsahli of Corpus Christi, according to three officials familiar with the investigation who were not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

At about 6:15 a.m., the gunman tried to speed through a security gate at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, opening fire and wounding the sailor, a member of base security, U.S. officials told the AP. But she was able to roll over and hit the switch that raised a barrier, preventing the man from getting onto the base, the officials said.

Other security personnel shot and killed the man.

There was an initial concern that he may have an explosive device, but Navy experts swept the area and the car and found nothing. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss details about an ongoing investigation. Officials were still working to process the crime scene late into the day and had recovered some type of electronic media.

The base was on lockdown for about five hours, but it was lifted shortly before noon. The main gate was reopened, though the gate where the incident occurred was still shut down.

FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent Leah
 Greeves said at a news conference that investigators were working to determine whether a second person of interest was...

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  1. My buddy's son was at Pensacola for flight school when that went down, and now he was at Corpus Christi for his advanced training. I imagine he is starting to feel like he's a target....


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