90 Miles From Tyranny : Billionaire Oprah slammed for encouraging working class white people to admit "unconscious" racism on TV show

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Billionaire Oprah slammed for encouraging working class white people to admit "unconscious" racism on TV show

In the latest episode of her new Apple TV show "The Oprah Conversation," billionaire media personality Oprah Winfrey coached a panel of eight guests to admit to their "unconscious" racism.

During the conversation, the guests asked Winfrey how to combat "racial injustice," including inquiries pertaining to which words to eliminate from their vocabulary and how to correct other white people from inappropriate behavior toward people of color.

"I think that's so beautiful… talking to your white friends [and] meeting them where they are," Winfrey said. "Once you just start educating yourself and you get woke … you should just meet people exactly where they are."
Winfrey praised her guests for opening themselves up and committing to self-betterment.

"Your heart has been opened and deepened to the point where you say, ‘I want to be better.' Everybody who agreed to speak here today has done that [with] a willingness to say, ‘I'm not who I want to be, but who I want to be I know is someone who can be better than this moment,'" Winfrey said.

Former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho — who was also a guest on Winfrey's show and has his own YouTube program called "Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man" — placed racism on a spectrum of severity, using legal categories of unlawful killing as a point of comparison.

"White people [are] not taught about racism, so white people end up incidentally committing racism," Acho said. "While it is not the same thing as first-degree murder, it's still an unlawful act that kills someone. In the same breath, there are degrees of racism. While we might not have first-degree racism, anymore, we still have third degree racism, which I draw the parallel to involuntary manslaughter. You're not physically killing them, you may be emotionally killing them."

Acho described his worldview as being based on a view of "oppressed versus oppressor."

"Black people are currently dying at the hands of...

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  1. OK, Orca; how about admitting the CONSCIOUS racism YOU'RE spewing on said show...

  2. These people are intellectually killing me, where do I go for my reparations?

  3. Let's look back at history before we start reparations. There were free black slaveowners in the US also. A fact that keeps getting swept under the rug. If you're interested you can read more here:

  4. I learned all about racism from 2 black animals that wanted my money but didn't even ask for it, just shot me 3 times & took it. I'll be a certified racist till the day I die. Go fuck yourself you fat unAmerican piece of shit.

  5. Another American of African descent, who moved away from the black community and doesn't get called on it. Shouldn't she live in the west side of Chicago and be an example of what can be achieved.

  6. What an racist asshole she turned out to be.
    I'm sure modern islamic slaves wish the left cared about them as much as slaves freed at terrible cost by Americans of all races and creeds 150yrs ago. http://www.abrahamlincolnonline.org/lincoln/speeches/bixby.htm
    Can't talk about that.

  7. Isnt that Weinstein? Why is she holding that woman? I used to like her,, finally enough truth leaked out,,

  8. "White people [are] not taught about racism", but black people are taught and practice racism from an early age. If you pay attention, this whole conversation is never about racism, but about white people being guilty of oppression. The woke warriors pronounce you guilty, then decide how to punish you. Your role is to accept it, or be attacked. This is not a conversation, it's an attempted beatdown.


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