90 Miles From Tyranny : Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Seattle Police Chief’s Home

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Seattle Police Chief’s Home

A large group of “aggressive” protesters swarmed Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best’s Snohomish County home over the weekend, the police chief confirmed in an August 2 letter addressed to members of the Seattle City Council, detailing the incident.

Dozens of vehicles lined the road as roughly 200 protesters, “mostly white men and women in their twenties,” gathered in the neighborhood to protest, according to the Lynwood Times. The protesters wore masks and held signs reading, “Black Lives Matter.”

The outlet reported that protesters “shouted profanity and insults at neighbors, took license plate information on vehicles, took pictures of homes, and asked little kids who lived in the neighborhood what schools they attended.”

Some demonstrators attempted to head to Best’s residence (she was not at home at the time) but were stopped by neighbors, who “established a perimeter to protect her [Best’s] home from possible mischief.”

“I feel incredibly unsafe,” one neighbor, who predicted that it will “happen again,” told the paper.

“Their objective was not completed; they never made it to her house, we stopped them … so we think they will be back,” the neighbor added.

Another resident detailed the nature of the protesters to the outlet, describing them as “very organized.”

“They had radios, talking to each other. They had numbers they used to decal all their cars for who knows what. So, they were identifying all their vehicles individually by number. They came with a mission. … They were out here intimidating us,” the individual said, according to the Lynwood Times.

“My neighbors were concerned by such a large group, but they were successful in ensuring the crowd was not able to trespass or engage in other illegal behavior in the area, despite repeated attempts to do so,” Best wrote in an August 2 letter to the Seattle City Council.

Best told the council that the local police sheriff is “monitoring the situation,” which Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney affirmed in...

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  1. Typical communist intimidation tactics. Typical of pro-communist police chiefs thinking they were immune from attacks when attacking them serves the party. Will she learn? Will the others learn from her example? Let's see what happens next. I'm guessing she uses taxpayer funds and staff to increase security on her house, but nothing to go on the offensive and protect her county.


  2. Still waiting for some neighbors with a pair of pliers (remove valve stems) or razor knife(slash) to quietly go by the cars that brought the "protest" and "liberate" the air in two of each vehicle's tires.

  3. Keep a supply of Trump 202 stickers handy. Stick one on each protestors car.

  4. That's wasn't a protest. It was an enemy action. Intel gathering, identifying potential targets, testing responses and defenses and analyzing possible weaknesses and countermeasures. The part that is really disturbing to me is that they were trying to find out where people's kids attended school. Why the fuck would they do that if they weren't planning on threatening people's children to get them to stand down or comply in the future?


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