90 Miles From Tyranny : Has the pushback against Democrat overreach begun?

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Has the pushback against Democrat overreach begun?

One of the things that struck me today was how many stories involved people pushing back. They're pushing back against the Black Lives Matter narrative, they're pushing back against cancel culture, and they're pushing back against the Wuhan virus lockdown. In other words, after being beaten around the head for a few months, Americans are beginning to remember that they're a free people in a constitutionally run nation. They're finally getting mad as hell, and they're not going to take it anymore.

Everyone's been noticing that America's blue-state governors have some bizarre ideas about how the lockdowns they've imposed are supposed to work. Big stores get to stay open; small stores with fewer customers are shut down. Marijuana shops are open; hairstylists are shut down. Left-leaning mass rallies with thousands of people are good; going to the beach is bad. Funerals for famous criminals and politicians can be packed; funerals and church services for ordinary people are dangerous. The only standard seems to be what best serves the state's coffers, the politicians' wallets, and the Democrats' need for theater.

People are chafing to return to ordinary life. They need to get out of their houses and back to their jobs. And they need to return to their familiar, uplifting rituals. My favorite report from Thursday involved an enterprising church that held a service in a Walmart:

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  1. The People who just want to be left alone have been pushed too far.

  2. Bullies. If left to their desires, they will increase their punishments upon their victims. At the first sign of resistance, they will double down on their hostilities. An increased insurmountable resistance will finish them off. They will slink away as the cowards they are. But do not let them withdraw, they would only pop up elsewhere and more crafty. Instead, finish them. Pulverize them. You did not want to but they would not leave you alone. And they will be back with a vengeance if allowed. Do not allow them. Add their names to your list. Get after them.


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