90 Miles From Tyranny : How Obama is clearing the VP field for Susan Rice

Friday, August 7, 2020

How Obama is clearing the VP field for Susan Rice

The Ringleader Wants De Facto Third Term.

Joe Biden’s campaign recently delayed his self-imposed August 1 deadline to announce his running mate. Biden’s handlers were under pressure from Senator Kamala Harris and Representative Karen Bass to name them. The Biden brain trust delayed the announcement so surrogates could discredit Harris and Bass. That opens the door for Obama’s choice: Susan Rice.

Former President Barack Obama, indispensable to the campaign, knows Biden lacks the cognitive skills to govern, and his tenure will likely be brief. Like four years ago, Democrats have convinced themselves President Donald Trump cannot win. For Obama, Biden’s running mate will be our next president. Obama must control that person to continue his socialist transformation of America and protect himself from exposure for undermining candidate and President Trump.

Handicappers and bettors pick Harris as the front-runner. They are wrong, not because of Biden, but because of Obama. He needs Biden to select someone he can control and trust. That is Rice.

If Harris or Bass were selected, they would want to manage the campaign and then not pass Obama the keys to the Oval Office. Their agendas may align, but either would demand control while Rice would continue as a reliable subservient partner.
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For traditionalists, Rice’s drawbacks are that she has no base in the party, has never raised money, and has never held elective office. She is a policy wonk, not a politician. However, nothing about this election is traditional. Unable to defend Rice’s real credential—her loyalty to him—Obama has activated the Democrat attack machine. The establishment political left and the media are discrediting Rice’s opponents, without leaving his or Biden’s fingerprints on the murder weapon.

An example was how Obama and the Democrat establishment torpedoed self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders. Their media partners suddenly focused on his socialism, leading other Democrats to bemoan his unelectability.

As chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Bass cannot be so directly engaged. Instead of suffering attacks by Democrats, Bass appeared on Meet the Press and was promptly fed to the media sharks.

Host Chuck Todd blindsided Bass, “you sound a lot tougher on Castro now than you did when you described him as ‘comandante en jefe’ when he died.… You said you didn’t quite realize how sensitive folks were in South Florida about...

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  1. I'll say it again: Obama is not the mastermind leading the retarded hope and change brigade. He is a VERY low functionary whose job is to be half-black, read a teleprompter, smile and wave at the stupid White people, and spend the money he gets from being a parasite.


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