90 Miles From Tyranny : A Message From Kyle Rittenhouse From Jail...

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A Message From Kyle Rittenhouse From Jail...

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  1. Today I was discussing Kyle's situation with a friend. She did not care that he had a Glock in his face. He should not have killed those men. Then she decided I get my news from inaccurate alternative sources so I had no clue what happened. She had only heard there were 2 men killed. It did not matter they were scum of the earth. Besides, she figured, a kid has no right to be carrying a weapon no matter what. Not a word I said was accepted simply because I don't get my news from the JMSM and the fact I knew so many details meant I went to crap sources and ran on fake news.

    Damn. These folks are just so .. so... unawake. I just wanna shake them at times.

    1. I've told my mother in law that there's more accurate information in animal droppings in the woods than on CNN.
      She cares not, she feels not thinks.

  2. Ive watched hours of video of the Adventures of Kyle.
    How does one make so many situational mistakes and win a strategic victory? Separated from his unit because he went for water, isolated in orc country, cornered and beset by superior numbers and lived to tell the tale?
    Compelling war story!
    Training, mobility, luck and dare I say, G-d was watching over him. He ran when he had the chance and stood when cornered.
    We all may well face the same demon army before it's over, training!
    Don't go out alone and stay armed at all times.


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