90 Miles From Tyranny : Party’s Over: Trump Orders Purge of ‘Critical Race Theory’ from Federal Agencies

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Party’s Over: Trump Orders Purge of ‘Critical Race Theory’ from Federal Agencies

At the direction of President Trump, the White House Office of Management and Budget will move to identify and eliminate any trace of “critical race theory” in the federal government.

Critical race theory is the leftist, racist doctrine that forms the intellectual underpinnings of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other radical organizations currently engaged in unrest on America’s streets.

It alleges, among other things, that the United States is a white supremacist country, and that all white people are guilty of racism, whether they intend it or not.

President Trump has brought the issue of far-left indoctrination to the forefront of the national conversation in recent months. It was a major theme of the President’s Independence Day speech at Mt. Rushmore, in which he condemned far-left theories that “defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children.”

Russ Vought, director of the Office of Management and Budget, announced on Twitter that the Trump administration will bring any dabbling in such theories by the federal government to a swift end.

“The days of taxpayer funded indoctrination trainings that sow division and racism are over,” said Vought. “Under the direction of [President Trump], we are directing agencies to halt critical race theory trainings immediately.”

According to the text of the memo sent out by OMB:
All agencies are directed to begin to identify all contracts or other agency spending related to any training on “critical race theory,” “white privilege,” or any other training or propaganda effort that teaches or suggests either (1) that the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or (2) that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil.

“The divisive, false, and demeaning propaganda of the critical race theory movement is contrary to all we stand for as Americans and should have no place in...

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  1. I suppose it's my fault I was born white, born in a State that is 98% white.( if that ? ) I apologize that I have never been a slave owner so it would verify the guilt feeling some wish to lay on me. I do feel sorry for some of you that think you are a slave even though you never were. I do understand it is not nice to be called the "N" word. ( so don't act like one ) I have noticed though, one does not have to be black to be "N".

  2. Time to eliminate the entire "Diversity" directorate from the Civil Service management structure.

    There are thousands of low level employees whose only job is to work on LGBTQEIEIO, women's, Asian pacific islanders, handicapped, hispanic, and black programs.

  3. Diversity, when you consider the truth of the word itself, is the very opposite when applied to social ideologies. The beautiful expressions of humanity, so right in their natural surroundings, is being melded into a muddy blur of conformity.

    I appreciate almost all cultures ~ where they are practiced in their native lands. But globalization is taking everything and melding it into a blob. Diversity be damned.

    As usual, what they say is the opposite of what they intend.


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