90 Miles From Tyranny : BARR: Soros And Cohorts Pumping Billions Into Mail-In Vote Effort

Thursday, September 3, 2020

BARR: Soros And Cohorts Pumping Billions Into Mail-In Vote Effort

Americans justifiably are concerned about foreign entities working to influence the outcome of our 2020 elections. There is, however, one party with just such a plan already well underway and well-funded that is far closer to Main Street, USA than any foreign entity — George Soros.

Soros and a handful of fellow far-left true believers are well on their way to investing billions of dollars to ensure that tens of millions of mailed-in ballots decide who will be our next president.

On the surface, their plan appears benign and wholly in the public interest, with nary a hint of the leftist agenda for which Soros is well known. For example, a recent story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution described an effort by a pair of nonprofit organizations to mail more than two million applications for absentee ballots to voters across Georgia. The article noted that the organizations – the Center for Voter Information and the Voter Participation Center – plan to follow this initial tranche of absentee voter applications with additional mail drops in the coming weeks.

These mass mailings are designed to ensure that as many voters as possible receive absentee ballots, ostensibly to protect them from the “dangers” posed by the coronavirus were they forced to vote in person. It is revealing, however, that the applications are not being sent to voters generally, but only to those described as “irregular voters,” who traditionally or historically do not vote.

The term coined by the Voter Participation Center for this class of preferred voters is the “Rising American Electorate,” a fancy name for what the organization has determined based on polling are voters most likely to vote against Donald Trump — single women, people of color, and younger voters. The goal has nothing to do with the “public service” of increasing voter participation in our democracy or protecting them from the coronavirus; it has everything to do with defeating President Trump.

The primary vehicle nationally for the massive mail-in ballot drive as represented by the Voter Participation Center’s work in Georgia and a handful of other “battleground” states, appears to be the New York City based Brennan Center for Justice. This law and public policy institute has long been heavily subsidized by Soros, and this year reportedly is set to...

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  1. This articles credibility is besmirched by saying Barr like its attorney general Barr making that statement. The left does this kind of thing. We shouldnt. Bad form Daily Caller Bad Form

  2. The article at one point conflates "absentee ballots" with mass mail-in ballots. They are NOT the same thing.

  3. Soros: an enemy of America. Why hasn't the C.I.A. taken him out ?

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  5. Can't the prick afford some make-up. He looks worse than Davros. Google it if you don't know.


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