90 Miles From Tyranny : Video: Black Trump Supporters Speak Out; “We’re The Rebels!”

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Video: Black Trump Supporters Speak Out; “We’re The Rebels!”

“I believe the (Black Lives Matter) movement is fake”

Video of a group of black conservatives has gone viral, with them vowing support for President Trump and urging that others need to wake up to the duplicity of the black lives matter movement.

“As you can see, black conservatism is the new punk rock,” commented Nick Cunningham, one of the group seen recently at a protest in California.

Another, who goes by the moniker MAGA Hulk added “We’re the rebels! You wanna be cool, come join our cause.”

When the group were challenged by others charging that Trump says racist things about black people, they were ready for it.

“Like what?” MAGA Hulk asked?

“Nothing! You got nothing!” he added when there was no response.

“They can’t answer the question because they don’t have facts on their side. They don’t have any facts. They don’t do research. They don’t do any type of higher learning when it comes to...

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