90 Miles From Tyranny : BLM Is Just A Marxist Excuse To Be Racist Towards White People...

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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

BLM Is Just A Marxist Excuse To Be Racist Towards White People...

 This Is Divisive, BLM Does Not offer A Message Of Inclusion Or Harmony. It Is Grievance Culture, It Is Racist, It Is Marxist Doctrine Designed To Destroy America.


Unknown said...

Of note, the insulting tip image could be a fake. I shared it as real and was told it was fake. Looking at it with a critical eye these are the things that quickly pop:
1) There are at least three different pens used
a) The pen and hand that wrote "Thank yall"
b) The pen used to redact info at the top
c) The pen used to write the amounts
d) ??? The pen used to write the insult.
2) The form of the characters used to write the amount doesn't match the form of the insult.

My belief is that at least 4 people were involved with creating that receipt. Waitress, person that wrote the amount, person that wrote the insult, person that redacted info.

So the question of "is it fake" revolves around if the insult was added by somebody in the party that paid or after the fact by the waitress. Say for example, writing what the person paying said to her.

Mike Miles said...

Initially, I thought the same thing. Then I realized that the Thank Y'all Was From The Waiter.
I also remembered receiving these personal notes many times, it probably helps increase tips.

TVMA Doc said...

I agree that it could be a fake. While it is far less common for the right to perpetuate these sorts of scams, the left doesn't have a monopoly on this sort of stuff. If true, that POS should be refused service next visit.