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Monday, October 12, 2020

The Death Of All That Is Good In America...

Can I Have Some Remedy?

 [Verse 1]
Baby, baby why can't you sit still?
Who killed that bird out on you window sill?
Are you the reason that he broke his back?
Tell me, did I see, you think I'd laugh about that? Alright!

If I come on like a dream
Will you let me show you what I mean?
Will you let me come on inside?
Ohh, will you let it glide?

Can I have some remedy?
(All I want is a remedy)
Remedy for me, please
(For all of the things I really do need)
If had some remedy
(oh, I'd take another one)
I'd take enough to please me (please me), yeah!

[Verse Two]
Say, baby, baby why you dye your hair?
Why you always keeping with your mother's dare?
So baby, why's who's who?, I said who knows you too?
Tell me, did the other children scold on you?

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