90 Miles From Tyranny : Book Review - How Not to Become a Millennial

Friday, October 23, 2020

Book Review - How Not to Become a Millennial

How Not to Become a Millennial is a complete repudiation of the Millennial generation and the institutions and belief systems that created it.

According to the author, The millennial generation is a failed social experiment, this book is not only an indictment of reprobate Millennial's, but  an indictment of the generation that created it, the Baby Boomers.

Among the indicted are teachers, professors, feminists, psychologists, bosses and many, many more.

This book is brutal and honest and leaves no prisoners, it reads like a dress down from a drill sergeant: loud, biting, brutal, honest, and designed to correct a grievous error.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and this is the instruction manual to help Millennial's in particular and society in general to step into that light.

It's a good read, with insightful forays into the corrupt culture that created the human centipede abomination known as the Millennial.

You can buy it HERE



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  1. Looks like a good gift for Christmas actually. But I would never buy anything through Amazon. Might just order it through a local bookshop. This boomer has already owned the failings of my generation and apologized as deeply as possible. But I also know we were naive and unprepared for the enemy we now face. We were ALL played.


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