90 Miles From Tyranny : Holy Shit! This Is The Truth-bomb For Our Time!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Holy Shit! This Is The Truth-bomb For Our Time!!!


Brandon Straka 'Walk Away' Destroys BLM Supporter In Debate On The Safety Of Black Americans

Brandon Straka voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential election. After the election, he decided to research Donald Trump and the Republican party and found out that everything he heard in his echo chamber was wrong. He started the ‘Walk Away’ campaign that helped thousands of Americans ‘Walk Away’ from the Democrat Party and into the Republican Party.

One of his recent events was a debate versus a Black Lives Matter supporter, and the topic was: “Where is America going on racism and BLM? And what should we be doing next?”

The BLM supporter – a black female – named Tiesha said that “as a black woman,” she finds it “really hard to have conversations and see these opinions from people who do not look like” her. She said that someone that doesn’t “share that lens and that reality of fear” couldn’t possibly understand.

She claims to be “troubled” if there is a “police officer down the...

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  1. Brandon is really on top of his game and has been for years now. He and Scott Pressley have done so much for Trump with their approaches to American problems.


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