90 Miles From Tyranny : Can't We All Just Get Along?

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Can't We All Just Get Along?



  1. Gee, we need to start a Biden/Bidet Accountability Project and make lists and party favors and load magazines and clean our terrorizing black plastic rifles... flucking dip wad, he will be the first to be kneeling in front of the pit the commies dig for useful idiots.

  2. Fucking commie bitches can shove unity up their asses. Bring it.

  3. anyone know this guy's name? he looks like a secret Trump supporter...

  4. And when the Committee comes to find me then what? Will they be armed for I sure will. Will they shoot? I sure will. Do they have rubber bullets? I do not.

  5. How close will they check the names if we start putting names of Dem family members? Making lists for "The Terror" do they not know the story of what happened to Robespierre? Maybe if we put them face up to look at the blade that will also take them they will get a glimmer of truth before all goes black.

    1. They know nothing of Robespierre. Cant learn history in gender studies and all the other horse shit classes they take

  6. Come get some, bitch, Lee Stoll, Kansas City, Mo. It is you and your ilk that will be "dealt with"...as traitors. With a fitting end for traitors.

  7. These idiots really don't understand that we're aware of Solzhenitsyn and we're not going to have the "And how we burned" regrets; do they?

    That we're paying enough attention that if such a legal framework is established, we're just gonna start shooting, right?

    Hoist the black flag and start cutting throats day.

  8. Mr and Mrs. Glock. Winchester family.


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