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Thursday, December 10, 2020

It's A Casedemic...


Real Science: The Science And Logic Of The Chinese CoronaVirus...


  1. Which means that all of those people that supposedly died from the virus may have had.....a cold.

  2. Or run over by a bus. Had heart failure. Drown in bathtub. Plane crash...

  3. More importantly, it means a chunk of the population is already immune to this virus from another virus they had at some time in their life. Common cold or whatever. This fact has been going around for a while, and has been talked about as people not just having antibodies, but having an additional immune response to the virus: T-cell immunity.

    It's one more reason the number of cases doesn't matter. Those aren't saying the people are sick, they're saying they test positive for antibodies or other virus particles especially with a PCR test because it's easy to set those up to be too sensitive. The word casedemic is going around to describe this reaction to positive tests. The number of positive tests doesn't mean what people think it means.

  4. They changed that page on 10/29/2020, and that information is no longer there.
    They no longer mention cold.

  5. The CDC page quoted is about Anti-body testing, not testing for Covid-19. In addition I could not find the quote as shown here, but only something similar.

    It seems they removed the part about corona virus causing the simple common cold. Can't have people knowing the truth or being less panic'd.


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