90 Miles From Tyranny : PATHETIC: ‘Veteran’ GOP Lawmakers are Too Scared of ANTIFA/BLM Reprisal Call Special Session in Georgia

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

PATHETIC: ‘Veteran’ GOP Lawmakers are Too Scared of ANTIFA/BLM Reprisal Call Special Session in Georgia

According to a report from syndicated radio host John Fredericks, Georgia lawmakers will not fight back against the vote steal because they are too scared of reprisal from ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists.

He relayed information from a conversation that one of his listeners had with state representative Colton Moore, a 27-year-old Republican lawmaker from Trenton. Moore reportedly told the listener there is no chance for a special session to be called because of the extreme cowardice of his fellow legislators.

“From our caller, Colton Moore said they’re never going to get there. He said the problem is, ‘I’m talking to some of these veteran legislators, and they’re afraid to put their name on this petition because they don’t want to be doxed, they don’t want their families to be harassed, they don’t want anybody going to their house keying their car. They don’t want any of that happening,'” Fredericks said.

“They also said, ‘look, if we have a special session and we revoke the electors for Biden, ANTIFA Is going to come, BLM is going to come, and Atlanta is going to burn down, and they’re going to blame us, so we just don’t want to deal with this, we just need to go forward as it is, elect these two senators and everything will be fine,'” he added.

Fredericks’ rant can be seen here:

The Georgia Republican Party is undergoing a free-fall collapse at the worst possible time, with Republican leadership in the state effectively enforcing the vote steal for...

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  1. Wellll,, if they see the same determination from the other side...

  2. This is the "kick the can down the road" school of political analysis. At some point voters should ask themselves "why are we bothering to vote for these spineless creatures?"

  3. Cowards, one snd all. Evil will prevail when good men do nothing.

  4. Sorry politicians, you have been screwing over your constituents for years. We demand you do your job or else!

    You better fear the old, liberty loving veterans.

  5. "Kick the can down the road" changed to "kick my ass down the road" when "reach across the isle" turned into a reach around!

  6. It's official. Antifa and BLM are successful terrorist organizations. Directly influencing the behavior of legislators and hindering the proper Constitutional functions of a State Government all with merely the idea of threats of violence.

  7. If this is true, time to call in the military and round these low lives up. I won't bend a knee for these shills, send them to God and let Him sort them out.


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