90 Miles From Tyranny : Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Said Her Adopted Son was ‘Devastated’ After Hearing ‘Merry Christmas’

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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Said Her Adopted Son was ‘Devastated’ After Hearing ‘Merry Christmas’

This poor kid sounds mentally abused.

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel recently posted a tweet indicating that her adopted son was so triggered after hearing “Merry Christmas,” he nearly broke out in tears.

“Let me begin by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Remember the word? Remember we started five years ago and I said “You’re going to be saying Christmas again,” and we say it proudly again although they’ll be trying to take that word again out of the vocabulary. We’re not going to let them do that,” she wrote in her first since-deleted tweet.

Nessel made it clear that President Trump’s support of Christmas has triggered her greatly, as this “empowered” LGBT leader is apparently so weak-minded that she is agitated by the smallest of microaggressions.

“I remember the first time I was at a store with my son and an employee said “Merry Christmas” to us. My son looked devastated as asked “Are we the only people who don’t celebrate Christmas?” I answered “No, and we are just as American as everyone else.” Glad @JoeBiden knows that,” Nessel wrote in a subsequent tweet.

After being humiliated over her initial tweets that were later deleted, she followed up with a defense of “Happy Holidays” on the basis that it honors the diversity that has become America’s de facto state religion as the nation disintegrates:

Big League Politics has reported on Nessel’s overreach in the aftermath of the dubious presidential election, in which she has run a terror campaign against whistleblowers and public officials in order to enforce the vote steal:

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I’ll help her get in the holiday mood by shoving a Christmas tree up her chimney!

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No matter what they say...Dec. 25th is CHRISTMAS....NOT "happy holiday'...CHRISMAS.....Jesus' birthday...!!!