90 Miles From Tyranny : Ted Cruz Slays His Prey....

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Ted Cruz Slays His Prey....



  1. I read today that Maxine Waters’ daughter received $250,000 from her mother’s campaign. Waters and her family have improved their standard of living considerably while the district that she claims to represent seems to have gone downhill. Then again, as her opponent in the recent election pointed out, Waters doesn’t live in that district. She is comfortably ensconced in a mansion in a far more upscale neighborhood.

  2. So the constitutional genius couldn't see that there might be an issue of standing in the Texas case? No one, including Cruz, prepared a plan B. How wealthy do politicians have to become and how poor do we, the people, have to become before there is a change for the betterment of the American People??????

    1. Relax. Every piece of other litigation in place a week ago is still in play. TX was a long shot, we knew that.

  3. The story about Waters' daughter is true. Was some years ago but seemed to be ongoing if I remember correctly. So hard to keep up with Dem nepotism and corruption.

    Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is turning into one very cool fellow. He has done a few fine takedowns lately but this is definitely one of the best.


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