90 Miles From Tyranny : Terror Arrest Highlights How Perilous Biden’s Immigration Plans Are

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Terror Arrest Highlights How Perilous Biden’s Immigration Plans Are

Biden administration would order U.S. to lower its shields.

On December 16, 2020 the Justice Department issued a press release about the arrest of alleged terrorist, Cholo Abdi Abdullah, who was conspiring with other terrorists from an al Qaeda-affiliated terror organization to carry out a 9/11-style terror attack inside the United States. This substantiates a point I have made on numerous occasions, where the threats posed to America and Americans by foreign radical Islamic Terrorist organizations are concerned, the “All Clear” has most certainly not been sounded.

However apparently Joe Biden and Kamal Harris never got or, more likely, never read the memo.

Biden and Harris have both enthusiastically promised (threatened) to all but end immigration law enforcement and remove the restrictions that prohibit the entry of aliens from countries that sponsor terrorism and whose backgrounds cannot be effectively vetted.

While the media refers to the countries on the list of those countries as being “Muslim majority countries” implying that the so-call “travel ban” which is actually an entry restriction, was created to target Muslims, in reality, has nothing to do with religion but national security. The countries on that very limited list have a direct nexus to terrorism and for a variety of reasons, our officials are unable to effectively vet the citizens of those countries.

In point of fact, the three most populous Muslim-majority countries are Indonesia, Pakistan and India. Yet those countries do not appear on that list.

For Americans to be happy that Biden would eliminate that entry restriction makes as much sense as a flock of chickens celebrating that Colonel Sanders has announced a new recipe for fried chicken!

Shortly after Biden announced he would nominate Alejandro Mayorkas to be Secretary of DHS (Department of Homeland Security) I wrote an article about who Mayorkas would be a terrible choice. My article, Biden's DHS: Department of Homeland Surrender included information that when Mayorkas was the Director of USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) for Obama, was the architect of DACA and had been investigated by the OIG (Office of Inspector General) for acting improperly, approving applications for visas that should not have been approved and for pressuring employees of USCIS to “Get to yes”- in other words approve just about every application for various immigration benefits including applications for political asylum, work visas, resident alien status and U.S. citizenship- or else! This not only undermined employee morale but undermined national security by creating opportunities for immigration fraud.

It has recently been reported that if Biden is sworn in as President that he may nominate Andrew Cuomo to be the Attorney General. Cuomo has referred to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Agents as “thugs” and as the governor of New York State, provides illegal aliens with driver’s licenses and refuses to share DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) information to the Border Patrol, ICE and the inspection personnel of CBP (Customs and Border Protection) who stand watch on our nation’s borders and conduct the inspection of people and vehicles seeking entry into...

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