90 Miles From Tyranny : The Smartest Man In The World – IQ 200 – Is Convinced The U.S. Election Was Stolen.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Smartest Man In The World – IQ 200 – Is Convinced The U.S. Election Was Stolen.

Christopher Langan is well renowned as the Smartest Man in America and indeed perhaps the world. Now, he’s railing against the alleged election fraud that “delivered” the race for Joe Biden.

Langan, 68, tweeted this week: “Many citizens, including me, won’t accept cheating scoundrels like Biden or Harris as leaders. Best get ready for trouble.”

He also shared his view that there may need to be a second, what he calls “corrective,” election:

“Erasure or concealment of evidence is grounds for a second (corrective) election. There’s no way to legitimately certify an election in which crucial information has been deliberately destroyed, or in which corrupt officials and judges refuse to let the evidence be duly examined.”

In recent weeks, Langan has taken aim at Dominion Voting Systems and Black Lives Matter:

“SCOTUS leaves us with no option but to throw out the fake election and hold a real one to set things right. This new election must completely exclude Dominion, BLM, and other Democratic Party tools and gulls from any role in determining the outcome.”

His critiques of systems and governance in the United States is not limited to this election, either.

Ostensibly a Trump supporter, Langan rails against globalism in his Twitter feed:

“The judicial branch of the US government, like the legislative branch, is evidently totally corrupt, having been bribed, blackmailed, threatened, and cajoled into toeing the globalist line.”

And predictably, far-left outlets have tried to shut down his critiques of central banking, globalism, and George Soros as...

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  1. Ha, I am far from the smartest man in the world, and I saw the total sham that is being rammed down our throats at the very beginning. When will Americans put a stop to this illegal activity? When will we stand up and fight back??? Time to sharpen the pitchforks and oil up the lanterns, grab the ropes...and find us some sturdy trees.

  2. Common Core educated, the Dems are counting the best they can.

  3. Don't have the be smart at all to figure this one.

  4. Still can't find ammunition on several gun shop/ sporting goods stores shelves. Maybe some people are going to do something?.


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