90 Miles From Tyranny : What's In It For Them?

Thursday, December 24, 2020

What's In It For Them?

Aliens Will Begin To Understand How Kickbacks Work...



  1. The democrats will send them money and automatically register them to vote.

  2. Canada's liberal government (our version of Democrat) has been gifting our money to causes for quite some time. HUGE amounts. You get gender education in Pakistan, we got gender education in the Sudan. At the expense of the people. This is what globalization looks like. A realigning of global finances.

    I have known for decades that the West would be knocked down many pegs, to Third World status, but even conspiracy folks thought I was too far out. However I predicted it for 2003 or so... but we pushed back and things changed.

    However, here we are. I am called crazy to say Canada is full blown communist, like Norway or so many other nations. It was eased in more softly although finally the people are beginning to wake up. Now they are taking on the US.

    2021 is going to be a very interesting year. Perhaps almost too interesting for comfort, however, America must prevail. Things are going to shake down even faster now.


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