90 Miles From Tyranny : Silicon Valley Insiders Seek Employment With Gab As “Internal Civil War” Rages In Big Tech

Monday, January 11, 2021

Silicon Valley Insiders Seek Employment With Gab As “Internal Civil War” Rages In Big Tech

Gab is emerging as the home of free speech online.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba revealed that Big Tech insiders are seeking employment with the free speech platform, sickened by Silicon Valley’s monopoly and authoritarian practices.

What Torba calls an “internal civil war” over the slightest resemblance of internet freedom is raging in Silicon Valley, with even the most moderate company officials supportive of free expression being bullied and shut down by tech oligarchs.

“I cannot tell you how many people… If you only knew what was inside my inbox right now. There are so many people- including senior level inside of Silicon Valley firms who are reaching out to me looking for a job right now. And I’m hearing chatter from inside of these companies from some of my sources that it’s an internal civil war.”

Torba was speaking in a Sunday livestream, breaking down the ramifications of a Big Tech exodus that has followed Twitter and Facebook’s suspension of Donald Trump’s social media accounts. View the free speech pioneer’s full remarks here.

Gab has received a buff in traffic of up to 750% in the wake of the most wide-ranging Big Tech censorship purge yet- with alt-tech competitor Parler being swiftly deplatformed by Amazon’s oligarch-owned web service provider. Gab’s self-owned server structure is entirely...

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  1. Hiring anyone from the Big Tech would be inviting the fox into the hen house.

  2. Zactly. "Any organization with even a small segment that is progressive becomes completely progressive".

  3. They are probably T-800s. You know, infiltration units.

  4. I would question the reason they are looking for another job. Is is really because they disagree with the actions of their current employer, or are they looking to relocate in order to flee the oppressive government they have voted into place.

  5. GAB already has a facebook bigwig on staff for some time now.

  6. GAB has become inaccessible to me in the past few days. The site simply just does not work up, idles until it times out.

    I am hoping that is just because of its growth issues but not too sure since Canada is so censored these days.


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