90 Miles From Tyranny : To Discuss Truth and Misinformation, PBS Touts the Wisdom of... DAN RATHER??

Monday, January 11, 2021

To Discuss Truth and Misinformation, PBS Touts the Wisdom of... DAN RATHER??

On Sunday night's PBS NewsHour Weekend, they bizarrely decided to discuss the "truth" and misinformation with... disgraced CBS News anchor/fake news purveyor Dan Rather, selling his old book What Unites Us that came out in 2017 (even the paperback is from 2019). His fraudulent smears of George W. Bush in 2004 never came up. Stephen L. Miller offered the mind-boggled conservative response to this:

As Miller ably summarized below that tweet:
Perhaps if gatekeeping media cares to lecture those who have rejected them for their own Facebook groups and newsfeeds, they can start by forever jettisoning people like Dan Rather who are to blame for it.

Corporate media rehabs Dan Rather, Brian Williams and promotes people like Joy Reid and then collectively wonders how we all got to this point. Physician, heal thyself.
Instead, for more than six minutes, PBS weekend anchor Hari Sreenivasan treated Rather as a social-media sage and misinformation scold:


SREENIVASAN: As you've been pointing out for years now on social media platforms, through your Facebook page, to your Twitter feed, so much of this comes from the lack of our ability to discern fact from falsehood. It just boggles my mind that we live in this ecosystem where the truth that we kind of took for granted is hard to come by.

DAN RATHER: Well, I think it boggles everybody's mind, including my own, because we're still on the edge of this whole new world of social media, the internet, the internet's great possibilities for good, such as educating and giving truthful information. But on the other hand, the dark side, which you're pointing out so well, which has to concern us all, that misinformation, outright lies, propaganda, all of this gets loose on the internet.

Proof Dan Rather's "Scoop" Was Typed On A Modern Computer. He Is A Dishonest Liar.

Somehow, Dan putting out phony Texas Air National Guard documents alleging George W. Bush was some kind of draft-dodger doesn't disqualify him from being the Sunday minister on the topic of falsehood! As Dan says, being able to avoid wishful thinking (and reporting) is part of being...

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  1. From a certain point of view... Anakin Skywalker ceased to be.

  2. Great. Did not watch but it gives their reputation such a boost.


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