90 Miles From Tyranny : Climate scientists prepare to clamp down on the world’s freedoms

Monday, July 26, 2021

Climate scientists prepare to clamp down on the world’s freedoms

We’re still battling the coronavirus tyrants. Now come the climate authoritarians.

More than 200 climate scientists — and that’s “scientists” with an eyeball roll — have gathered to put the final touches on an agreement that will take the lessons learning from the coronavirus, meaning the idea that fear sells and sells well, and apply them to the field of environmental regulation.

The headlines have already started the buzz.

“Climate Scientists Meet As Floods, Fires, Droughts And Heat Waves Batter Countries,” NPR wrote.

The inherent message: Good thing these guys are meeting so they can come up with a way to solve floods, stop fires, and prevent droughts and heat waves.

Actually, they have five.

“There are five future scenarios that scientists are imagining,” NPR wrote. “For example, if humans stop burning coal immediately, it will dramatically reduce the rate of global warming.”


The benefits of world governance versus sovereignty.

“In one [scenario], world countries work together to develop low-cost, low-carbon technologies and put them into use quickly for everyone,” NPR wrote. “In [another scenario], nationalism surges around the world and governments focus on local energy and food security rather than global economic changes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The writing on the wall is clear.

This gathering is not so much a chance to bandy about real science and discuss real problems and exchange critically thought-out methods of solving contextually accurate matters.

It’s a gathering to hype a fabricated problem — umm, the weather — and pretend scientists can control a domain that belongs with God by using less-than-accurate computer modeling, also known as best-guessing, and then presenting the findings as fact to justify the clampdown of individual rights, the redistribution of wealth from America to poorer nations and the global bureaucracies and the exchanging of individualism for collectivism, forever more.

It’s a gathering of global bureaucrats bent on using fake science for political and...

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  1. In other words, only the elites will be permitted to travel.

  2. No one said that Tribulations would be fun or easy.


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