90 Miles From Tyranny : It Was All Predicted By Southpark....

Sunday, August 1, 2021

It Was All Predicted By Southpark....



  1. Predicted, or historically edited? It's why I don't trust the authors of Animal Farm, 1984, etc.

  2. The dud on the podium has absolutely NO SHAME. No pride either. He was a man for 40+ years then.... discovers he is a girl? He failed almost all the competitions he entered as a male... so here he is straining his testicles beating women.


  3. BTW as an afterthought... this is a good example of BAD WHITE MALE beating BROWN women! Current edition of course.

  4. Look at those "women" he beat. Crap, can't make this stuff up fast enough to beat actual headlines! They would never pass as women, or ladies, any more then he passes for one. Then again, why aren't women competing against men in the first place? At this point, it really is looking like "what difference does it make, at this point".


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