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Monday, September 6, 2021

Ivermectin In Africa....


  1. They probably not listing car crash victims as dyeing from covid as well.

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  3. There is a lot more to this story that a simple map and graph shows. The blue area almost 3 times the population as the tan area. The blue area is where large parts of the population have been using ivermectin for many years to fight river blindness and other endemic parasites. Health care is really poor in the blue area, even relative to the rest of Africa.

    The final and arguably most important “hidden” takeaway from the study is that recovery and fatality rates for Covid-19 cases were not statistically significantly different between Ivermectin countries and non-Ivermectin countries. That means that once a person was tested and officially declared a Covid-19 case, they recovered or died at essentially the same rates across the board.



    "This tells us that other factors such as medical proficiency, environmental differences, or access to vaccines do not contribute to whether someone lives or dies once they have become sick with the disease. Since overall mortality rates per capita are significantly lower in Ivermectin nations but case fatality rates are the same, Ivermectin is clearly effective as an early treatment and perhaps even as a preventative measure."

    One thing that really stands out in those graphs is that the very worst death rate in the entire continent has been under .25 per 100K. Less than 1 in 400,000. OTOH, with a population about equal to India's, 1.3 billion, Africa has had 219 million cases and 4.55 million deaths from it, giving them a case fatality rate of 2%. In the USA, with about 1/4 the population of Africa, we've had 40.1 million cases and 649,000 deaths, giving us a case fatality rate of 1.6%.

  4. Darn it, I keep losing the posts I try to write here.

    One thing not in the articles related to this graph: the blue area in the graph is the worst malaria zone on the planet. Good chance that many of the people are also on HCQ for a long time too. Both HCQ and IVM work very well both as covid prophylaxis and for early treatment. Even better info is the IVM is also a superb anti-malaria medication, not only protecting you but killing the mosquito that bit you before it can bite somebody else.

    "The success of ivermectin in driving two of the most devastating and disfiguring neglected tropical diseases (NTD) to the brink of elimination has been well documented. The drug also bestows immeasurable non-target benefits, increasing the health and socioeconomic prospects of all communities where mass drug administration (MDA) has been carried out. Ivermectin kills a variety of parasites and insects, including the Anopheline vectors of malaria parasites. In view of long-standing MDA programmes, increasing attention is now being paid to the potential offered by re-formulating and re-purposing ivermectin to function as a feed-though mosquitocidal tool. "


    Yeah, that evil "horse paste" crap, totally useless. Funny how it won a Nobel Prize in medicine, is the safest medicine on the planet, taken by hundreds of millions of people, is on the WHO Essential Medications list, and is without question the wonder drug of the late 20th Century.


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