90 Miles From Tyranny : The Hollywoke China Syndrome

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Hollywoke China Syndrome

Hollywoke TV will continue to showcase unmasculine losers.

Communist China is a rotten, anti-human, tyrannical state very much admired by the American Left, as the Soviet Union was for its entire sordid existence. Progressives dream of a similar omnipotent government here that can crush conservative dissent by either depriving objectors of their freedoms — life, liberty, speech, religion, guns — or converting them to their fantasies: That racism built this evil country. That math, hard work, and ambition are white supremacist. That taxation can create wealth. That fewer police will mean less crime. That life begins at birth. That men can become women via surgical butchery, and then give birth. That humiliating defeat is historical victory. And other lunacies. Yet by defying reality, they only ensure their own destruction. As the protagonist of my second novel, Paper Tigers, says, “What they don’t realize is — in the kind of world they’re pushing for, they will be the first to go.”

While the leading purveyor of liberal self-immolation, Hollywoke, pushes intersectional madness — where featherweight women thrash scores of muscular brutes, opposite sex attraction is “heteronormative,” and real men are “toxic males,” China has taken the opposite route. Its leaders understand what leftists always have, and conservatives are finally starting to — that culture drives morality, or immorality. But unlike Hollywoke, the ChiComs live in the real world, which they plan to dominate.

Thus, they’re creating a cultural sphere in which boys will be inspired to be manlier by television male role models, and not the metrosexual wimps populating all U.S, network and cable drama series, late-night television fare (Colbert, Fallon, Corden), and news shows (Acosta, Stelter, Lemon, and almost every man on CNN and MSNBC). Last Thursday, the Chinese Communist Party announced an eight-point plan aimed at its entertainment industry that will ban “sissy idols” and “effeminate men” from TV. If Hollywoke followed suit, 90 percent of their male talent would be out of work.

The Chinese understand unmanly role models cultivate worthlessly androgynous government and military leaders such as President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Congressmen Eric Swalwell, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Adam Kinzinger, and dozens more, Governors Gavin Newsom (California), Jay Inslee (Washington), J.B. Pritzker (Illinois), and Mike DeWine (Ohio), and officers Colonel Alexander (“It’s Lieutenant Colonel Vindman”) Vindman and General Mark (“white rage”) Milley. All are men the Chinese know are easy to beat. They actually planted a Chinese spy on Swalwell, and relish how Milley helped create the American military catastrophe in Afghanistan, while frothing at the abandoned high-tech weaponry they’ll soon be able to study and duplicate.

Meanwhile, Hollywoke TV will continue to showcase unmasculine losers, usually in subservient support to...

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  1. Mike I am going to send you a photo of how they train Chinese soldiers to maintain their rigid pose. It will say all you need to know about discipline over there.

  2. TV whats that? If a few million more would cut the cord that would put an end to their bullshit.


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