90 Miles From Tyranny : Black Feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali Raises The Alarm Over Importing Muslim Migrants To The West

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Black Feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali Raises The Alarm Over Importing Muslim Migrants To The West

Due to Muslim migration and the failures of assimilation, European women are facing threats of rape like never before, Ayaan Hirsi Ali explains in 'Prey.'

As Americans worked around the clock to evacuate soldiers, diplomats, and allies earlier this year, hundreds of thousands of Afghans rushed to flee their war-torn country. Some drove to the nearest land borders in Pakistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran. The lucky ones found refuge in a handful of Western countries, while other countries strengthened border security measures to prevent any immigration whatsoever.

It is at this inauspicious moment that Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s latest book, “Prey: Immigration, Islam, and the Erosion of Women’s Rights,” is remarkably prescient. Ali is an immigrant success story. Surviving the suffocating pieties of Islamic fundamentalism across the Middle East and Africa, Ali sought sanctuary in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, Europe was not the safe harbour she envisioned. Her collaboration with filmmaker Theo van Gogh to document the mistreatment of Islamic women led to the documentarian’s assassination at the hands of a radicalized Dutch Moroccan Muslim. Ali fled to America, renounced her Islamic faith, and went into hiding with around-the-clock bodyguards.

These distressing firsthand experiences frame Ali’s discussion of Islam throughout her book. “As an immigrant and former asylum seeker of Somali origin, I am for immigration. I have no objection to people packing up their possessions and leaving their homes to try to improve their circumstances. I completely understand why they would wish to do so because I did it myself,” Ali acknowledges.

However, “My concern is with the attitudes some bring with them, with the behaviors that these attitudes generate in a minority of migrants, and with the seeming inability of Western countries to understand how to cope with the resulting problems.”

Unlike the usual suspects who dismiss the latest conservative “white-replacement fearmongering” about Afghani refugees, “Prey” is an earnest and thoughtful investigation of the challenges multiculturalism poses to sexual equality. Ali argues that European women’s rights have been eroded in recent decades largely due to Muslim migration and the failures of cultural assimilation.

The statistics she marshals are staggering. Although predominantly Muslim asylum seekers make up less than 1 percent of Austrians, in 2017 they represented 11 percent of the accused in all reported rapes and sexual harassment cases.

Similar arithmetic is found in Denmark, where “non-Western” immigrants and their descendants accounted for roughly 40 percent of rapes and 25-33 percent of groping convictions despite comprising approximately 10 percent of the population. Swedish public television aired a documentary on sex crimes based on...

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  1. The writer is correct. Germany,England and other nation that have a large influx of Muslim's have experienced large number of rapes many of which go unreported because the government refuses to arrest the people who commit these rapes. The rapes occur because in the Koran, men are given free rein to rape and beat the women whom the Koran teaches that women are lower than dirt and are there to satisfy men's sexual needs while having their sexual identity clitoris ripped (removed) from their bodies. Islam has no place here in America, it hates America, states death to America and it does not assimilate.


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