90 Miles From Tyranny : Let's Go!

Friday, November 26, 2021

Let's Go!

She's driving away
With the dim lights on
And she's making a play
She can't go wrong

She never waits too long

She's winding them down
On her clock machine
And she won't give up
'Cause she's seventeen

She's a frozen fire
She's my one desire
And I don't want to hold her down
Don't want to break her crown
When she says

"Let's go"
I like the nightlife baby
She says
I like the nightlife baby
She says
"Let's go"


  1. Where did the 80s go? Laying on the beach girl watching & listening to the radio. They will be on the Saturday night play list.

  2. The 80s were kick ass. I wanted to rule the world and every day was a day to see how many people I could get on my side of the fence. Loved the music too, so much great stuff.


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