90 Miles From Tyranny : Eating With The Fam?

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Eating With The Fam?


If You Are Eating With The Family For Thanksgiving, This Song Is For You:

Ma she's a cookin'
Put the eats on the table
Hate's in the city
And my love's in the meadow
Hands on the plow
And my feets in the ghetto

If You Are Not Eating With The Family, This Song Is For You:

I am just a cowboy lonesome on the trail
A starry night, a campfire light
The coyote call, and the howling winds wail
So I ride out to the old sundown

I am just a cowboy lonesome on the trail
Lord, I'm just thinking about a certain female
The nights we spent together riding on the range
Looking back it seems so strange

Roll me over and turn me around
Let me keep spinning till I hit the ground
Roll me over and let me go
Riding in the rodeo

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