90 Miles From Tyranny : Biden’s DOJ Say Arsonist Who Killed A Man Should Get Reduced Sentence Because He Was Rioting For BLM

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Biden’s DOJ Say Arsonist Who Killed A Man Should Get Reduced Sentence Because He Was Rioting For BLM

(Left) Lee pouring accelerant around the pawn shop. (Right) Lee standing in front of the blazing pawn shop after setting it on fire.

A BLM rioter who set fire to a pawn shop and killed a man is facing a shorter sentence than normal because, according to US Attorney W. Anders Folk, he was “caught up in the fury” of the Black Lives Matter riots.

On June 5, 2020, in Minnesota, BLM riots were breaking out and becoming violent. Hundreds of people took to the streets and began looting local businesses, vandalizing private property, and recklessly setting fire to buildings. Montez Terriel Lee Jr. was one of these violent actors.

That night, Lee broke into a pawn shop, poured fire accelerant around, and set it on fire. These actions were caught on video.

According to court records, one of the videos captures Lee standing in front of the burning shop, saying, “F*** this place. We’re gonna burn this b**** to the ground.”

Over two months after Lee burned down the shop, a 30-year-old man, Oscar Lee Stewart, was found dead among the debris.

By joining in the violence of the BLM riots and being misled into thinking that was the right way to act, Lee took the life of an innocent man that night.

The typical sentence that would be applied to Lee’s case is over 200 months of incarceration. However, in a memo from the US Attorney’s office for the District of Minnesota, a lesser sentence was recommended because of the “motives” behind Lee’s actions.

The memo describes Lee’s motives as almost admirable. Forgetting the violence he enacted and the innocent life he took, at least his intentions were “good”:

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Anonymous said...

One demographic or interest group is given superiority over another.

Conditions for genocide, #3.

Jaedodrax said...

someone should ask the US Attorney why he's giving a sentence discount to a man who murdered a black man during a "black lives matter" protest...

seems like a mixed message

JNorth said...

I'm fine with reducing from death by hanging to death by lethal injection.

oldvet1950 said...

If someone killed a loved one of mine, I would hope the sentence to be light or non-existent. How can I exact revenge if they are protected in a government facility?

mountain boy said...

You realize that this is going to become a permanent action when prosecuting people who vote democrat? We need a bloody civil war, we are well past the point of compromise, we are at 3 classes of citizenship. liberal, democrat and illegal aliens who have more rights than you do. You pay the bills but have ZERO representation in Congress. How are the Jan 6th people being held with no civil rights? Call your senator or congressman and be viscous, rude and aggressive.