90 Miles From Tyranny : NYC Youth Receives Paltry 14 Years in Prison for Stabbing Murder of College Freshman

Monday, January 24, 2022

NYC Youth Receives Paltry 14 Years in Prison for Stabbing Murder of College Freshman

A New York City youth who stabbed an 18-year old college freshman to death in Central Park as he sought to steal her phone was sentenced to a minimum of 14 years in prison on Wednesday, with the parents of murder victim Tessa Majors expressing their disappointment in Rashaun Weaver’s light sentence.

Assistant District Attorney Matthew Bogdanos read a statement from Majors’ parents before Weaver’s sentencing. Weaver, who was 14 at the time of Majors’ murder in in December 2019, plead guilty to charges of second-degree murder and robbery. He was convicted of a crime in which he stabbed the Barnard College freshman in the heart when she fought against an attempt on the part of a gang of thugs to steal her phone.

“Tess Majors cannot say how being murdered impacted her because she is dead. She is dead forever and is not coming back.

Fourteen years to life is a long time, but at the end of his sentence Rashaun Weaver goes home. Tess never will. They know she was against murder and violence in general and she never harmed another human being in her 18 years on the planet.”

Two of Weaver’s accomplices, Luciano Lewis and Zyairr Davis, are in ongoing court proceedings that could land them similar sentences.

New York City has become one of the primary municipalities in America to embrace a “progressive” form of criminal justice, in which the well-being of violent criminal offenders is placed ahead the community’s interests in justice and punishing acts of violence. A newly elected Manhattan prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, announced earlier this month he intends to eschew prison sentences altogether for most criminals convicted of violent crimes.

NYC voters have elected a nominally moderate Democrat Mayor who in his verbiage speaks forcefully against anarcho-tyranny and violent crime, but it’s yet to be known if the administration of Eric Adams will reverse the...

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  2. Outlaw justice is coming.... There is no rule of law.

  3. Is anyone taking a collection to pay whoever shanks these POS in prison?

  4. Maybe Anon should. Raise a lot of money in fourteen years. Get a night job and save that. Keep track of these scum. Wait. Be patient. Let them do the time and settle up when the fine and just state of Nuevo Yorque lets them loose.

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