90 Miles From Tyranny : ‘Pope Francis’ - A Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing?

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

‘Pope Francis’ - A Wolf in Shepherd’s Clothing?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano sheds a disturbing light on the "Deep Church."

“A non-Catholic Pope”? It sounds like a contradiction in terms. But those are the words used to describe Pope Francis by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States. In fact, he rarely uses the term “Pope Francis.” He refers to him instead as “Bergoglio” and to his pontificate as the “Bergoglian papacy.”

Vigano has a following in some Catholic circles but it’s likely that the vast majority of Catholics have never heard of him. Yet the questions he raises about Pope Francis are of great consequence, not just for Catholics but for non-Catholics as well.

Since there are about 1.3 billion Catholics in the world, whoever leads them can have a significant effect on a large segment of the global population. It’s widely thought, for instance, that Pope John Paul II did more to put an end to communism in Eastern Europe than any other individual with the exception of Ronald Reagan. For evidence of the close collaboration between the two men, read historian Paul Kengor’s revealing book, A Pope and a President.

Now we have a new pope and a new president and neither of them seem terribly concerned about the revival of communist power throughout the world. In fact, both men have surrounded themselves with left-leaning advisors and appointees.

In addition, both Francis and Biden have effectively rolled back the agendas of their immediate predecessors. This is obvious in the case of Biden because the reversal has been swift and abrupt. The reversal that Francis has engineered is less noticeable since it has been more gradual, but the resulting change in the Catholic Church has been every bit as radical as the one now taking place in American government and society.

Archbishop Vigano links the two together. He talks of a coup in America and other Western nations led by secular leftist ideologues, and a coup in the Catholic Church led by Bergoglio and the progressive Catholics who surround him.

However, the coup in the Church has been a more silent one. Catholic writers who have studied Francis’s career describe him as a skillful--even Machiavellian--manipulator. According to them, all his actions are shrouded in a deliberate fog. Consequently, most Catholics remain unaware of the magnitude of the changes. It is only when a priest or prelate resists Francis that “the dictator pope” (the title of Henry Sire’s book about Francis) reveals himself. Just as the Biden administration is seeking to purge conservatives from government and the military, Francis seeks to purge traditional Catholics from the Church. And since some of the strongest resistance to Francis comes from adherents of the Latin Mass, he has acted to suppress the Latin Mass. Meanwhile, some conservative prelates find themselves demoted to obscure outposts, and others live in fear that...

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Peteforester said...

Used to be, when someone stated the obvious, you would say "Is the Pope Catholic?" These days it's a perfectly valid question. And yes, I'm Catholic...

Mark Matis said...

His name is Bergoglio, not Francis. Check at Barnhardt.biz for a detailed explanation.

Bergoglio is the antipe.

ken pfeifer said...


mountain boy said...

130 German catholic priests, nuns, acolytes came out for homosexuality today in Germany going against 1000 years of teaching. I hate the Catholic Church with a extreme passion. Americans should have ripped down and torched every catholic church in America after the thousands and thousands of kids had been molested by priests. Burn the churches and know your doing the right thing. The catholic pope and all the priests are so far from what Jesus taught and represent Satan much more than they do the teachings of Christ. Priests or the Pope don't deserve to live. Do you think Christ would give these people a pass? No, he said if you harm a child you should be tied to a millstone (one of the heaviest objects in that time period) and tossed in the deepest part of the sea, that is hardly turning the other cheek.F#ck the Pope and all priests.