90 Miles From Tyranny : How Did Democrats Get This Superhero Power?

Sunday, January 9, 2022

How Did Democrats Get This Superhero Power?

Democrats Can Literally Blow Up Anything They Want To Into The Worst Thing That Ever Happened. They Made A Fake Russian Hoax Into The Worst Thing A President Ever Did And Ran Multiple Impeachment Proceedings With Literally ZERO Evidence, The Media Ran Four Solid Years Non-stop Breathless Coverage Of The Entire Event. We Have Had To Endure This Never-ending Mental Breakdown Psychosis Of The Democrats Ceaselessly For, (Well Frankly Our Entire Lives), But They Have Ramped It Up Dramatically Since They Were Threatened By Donald Trump's Firm Grip On Reality.

Their Power To Control Does Seem To Be Waning Despite Their Censorious Allies From Big Tech. 

Our Delilah Is To Leave All Leftist Social Media Sites And Cut The Hair Of Their Samson Strength Of Media Control.

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