90 Miles From Tyranny : Three-Year-Old Girl Dies of a Heart Attack One Day After Receiving COVID-19 Jab

Monday, January 10, 2022

Three-Year-Old Girl Dies of a Heart Attack One Day After Receiving COVID-19 Jab

Three-year-old Ámbar Suárez died one day after getting the COVID-19 jab, and her mother is blaming her country’s vaccine mandates.

Miryam Suárez, Ámbar’s mother, believes that the vaccine mandates in her native Argentina, which required her daughter to get the jab in order to attend kindergarten, are solely responsible for her daughter’s tragic and untimely death. This is more innocent blood on the hands of the psychopathic technocrats behind the COVID vaccine regime.

“I pre-enrolled her in school so that next year she would enter kindergarten, because now they force you when it comes to the vaccine,” Suárez said. “She was healthy. She was fine. She was not ill and didn’t have COVID.”

She took her daughter to get the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine on Dec. 16. Ámbar was dead one day later.

“She just collapsed and fell. I cannot believe it,” Suárez said.

“She was fine. She did not have any health issues, nor was she a sick child. She was healthy, full of life. This government that forces you [to get the vaccine] killed my three-year-old baby,” she added.

The words of Suárez in her native language can be seen here:

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  1. Pfffft!!
    Just the other day my neighbors 5 year old had a stroke. This would happen like once a week playing kickball when I was in grade school in the 80s. Must be a slow day.

  2. Any parent allowing their child to have the shot no matter what is accountable. The government may require it but the parent does not have to comply.


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