90 Miles From Tyranny : Germany’s ‘Green’ Energy Disaster Is A Warning To The United States

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Germany’s ‘Green’ Energy Disaster Is A Warning To The United States

As gas hit historic highs, leftists keep arguing it’s a perfect time to transition to a “clean energy” economy. “Now is the moment to double-down, triple-down, and quadruple-down on clean energy,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted on Friday, linking to a CNN piece that contends “wind and solar” have been “bailing out” Texas during its recent heat wave.

In the piece we learn that wind, solar, and nuclear have “powered about 38% of the state’s power in 2021, rivaling natural gas at 42%.” That’s quite the sleight of hand; tantamount to bragging about how Babe Ruth (60), Lou Gehrig (47), and Joe Dugan (2) combined for 109 home runs in 1927. True, but deceptive.

Subsidized solar power generates less than 2 percent of Texas’ energy during the year. Nuclear power generates around 10 percent and wind nearly 20. Coal accounts for nearly 15 percent and natural gas for more than 52 percent of electricity generation. It would be far more accurate to say that coal, nuclear, and gas are bailing out Texas.

No nation has anything approaching a clean energy economy. And those that have promised to build one are all struggling.

More than a decade ago, after a major earthquake caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster, German chancellor Angela Merkel announced her nation would close down all its nuclear power plants, at the same time quadrupling down on the decarbonization of its economy—energiewende. Once there were 17 reactors in Germany. Now there are only three remaining, all of which are scheduled to go offline by the end of the year.

The move to “clean energy”—without nuclear—has accomplished three things:

1. It has prompted Germany, and the rest of the EU, to begin relying more heavily on Russian natural gas as it “transitioned.” Putin, who has begun demanding EU nations pay for their energy in roubles, is now able to undercut the European economy at will.

2. It has created the highest global electricity prices per household in the world. In 2019, German households were paying 34 cents per kilowatt-hour compared to 13 cents in the United States. The price of energy has doubled since 2000, when Germany first mandated decarbonization, an effort that forced energy companies to purchase long-term inefficient renewables at high, fabricated prices.

3. It has meant the burning of coal. Even before Russia began cutting off supply, Germany was more reliant on coal than...

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Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Not to worry around 2001 when Enron was on a roll it was said we have a 400 year supply of coal as well.

Anonymous said...

New Zealand has a very high rate of renewable generation- about 85%. That's because of hydro which we built a lot of in days gone by. But even that is not good enough for the lunatic left.

Anonymous said...

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Matthew said...

They know that their electric car’s fuel is actually coal. They just refuse to say it. They know that the range of the charge is less than half of a full tank of gasoline. They just refuse to say it. They know that the production of electric car batteries is an ecological disaster in itself, let alone the eventual disposal. They just refuse to say it. They know that when it’s time to replace the battery, electric vehicles are basically worthless. They just refuse to say it. They know there are child slaves dying in strip mines to make batteries and solar panels. They just refuse to say it. They know wind is a joke and not a single one of these giant, bird killing, eyesore turbines will ever generate the amount of energy that it took to build it. They just refuse to say it.

How much are all these lies costing us? Why subsidize technology that isn’t viable?

If they were to tell the truth about solar, wind and electric vehicles the market would disappear tomorrow.

None of this has ever made any sense!